Why not contribute?

We need help

We’re always making hints about contributing. Lubuntu, like most every open source project out there, relies on the contributions of volunteers to develop as well as to maintain.

…not code

That does not mean you need to be a developer, either. Though there is some new code we write, this is relatively rare. Including upstream changes in our packaging can be a little advanced, but even that is not the sum total of what we do.

You have the skills necessary

If you’re nothing more than a user, you can help out with the following without really knowing much more than you already do:

And we could always use help with art/graphic design!

…in addition to the expected needs in packaging and development.

No strings attached

Contributions can be done on an extended basis (making becoming a Lubuntu Member easy) or can be little bits here and there. You can come and go as you like. You can work only on one issue you feel particularly strongly about, or you can get involved over a wide scope.

Free training

For those interested in a deeper understanding of the system or that would like to develop additional skills, the Lubuntu team is happy to provide assistance.

Why not join?

That said, you’re all users, so you all can contribute. For those of you that are not contributing, why not? For those of us that do contribute, we all have responsibilities in real life, including school, work and families, etc. And yet we find a little time here and there to sneak in a little help. What would encourage you to contribute?


Well, to answer this question literally, getting paid in BTC or ETH for constructive bug reports or useful suggestions. :slight_smile: More generally, hyperlinking each key element in bullet points of the above section so interested parties could immediately begin after reading this post; bolding them:

support (thanks to all the people that pipe up in IRC, the mailing list, and here! [top discourse page for new thread creation])
documentation [lubuntu manual? webpage listing all documentation sources?]
testing [download page for nightly builds?]
bug triage [hyperlink to bug report page?]

So you want to make use of the unpaid efforts of Lubuntu volunteers but when asked to volunteer, your excuse is you’re not getting paid? Hmmmmmm…

Maybe if you donated this might be an option!

That wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, nor was it meant to be a document from which to start from. It was meant to ask a question. The general rule is that for any area of interest, there’s a place in Lubuntu for it.

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Hey hey hey, I answered “What would encourage you?” not “Why aren’t you?” :cold_face:

That wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, nor was it meant to be a document from which to start from.

Of course, but again reflecting on ‘encouragement’ (and I’ll present myself as an example), this post was easier to find than wherever those webpage are, so linking to them here could (and in my case would) facilitate faster ‘on-boarding’ for additional people to begin contributing. Potential time saved is inversely proportional to Internet speed, and ubuntu as you know is an effort for worldwide and low-income people …

… but I suppose your perspective is that this post was not a sticky thread, but just one general thread. In which case: Never mind, sorry for wasting space here …

Done. I look forward to your contributions :slight_smile:

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I would love to contribute, not coding but with documentation, for example.
However I first need to understand the whole process of starting a graphical session in Lubuntu 19.10.
I asked that on the forum. I am just waiting for the answer ;D

Do you have a list of tasks that may need help? So I can choose what can I really do.
My skills are very old fashion but I am happy to give you back a little of what you do.

I suggest to pin this post in the forum. I stumbled into it by chance, and I beilieve it’s very important.

You could help out with the manual but if you are interested in helping with technical documentation, feel free to add it to the wiki. I would say to look for areas that aren’t documented and add it!

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I will contribute. I have started with bug reporting (although not with lubuntu yet). I’ll also help with triaging, testing. Hopefully in about 5 months, I’ll volunteer with package maintenance. However, I really want to contribute with code. May take me a year or so. Do count me in.


Glad to hear this! Please contact me if you have any questions about how to move forward!

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