Why is the "Instal boot loader on" menu not showing up

I was following this guide to install linux on my minix z64 computer and when I arrived at the instalation part is said to chose the bootloader device using a dropdown menu, and I didn’t find it, I checked the manual and I saw the menu at the bottom of the partition screen, but it is not on my computer.
(I am using lubuntu 22.04)

Also before instalation i get a warning that my computer is not connected to a power source

The guide you linked to doesn’t seem to be provided by anyone from the Lubuntu team nor the project itself… it’s very hard to say if anything from that guide still works given the Github page they have linked on there has an activity date from 9 years ago and is specifically using Ubuntu for their install…

This likely won’t be treated as something supported within Lununtu itself… but I cannot speak for the maintainers or the council, so I digress.

The reason I say this is because Lubuntu has been using a new installer called Calamares.

If the person that wrote that guide claims that it worked for Lubuntu at some point, there is no guarantee that it will work now that the installer itself has been changed.

What would help us maybe give you clues is to have some screenshots… if you can at least paste some pictures here for what you see and where you’re stuck in the install, this would help.

Again, the guide probably assumes the installer is Ubiquity… which Lubuntu is not using for its installer.


I think the problem may be that I get a warning before when I open the instalation app that my computer is not conected to a power source(this computer is a mini pc and it probably suses laptop components) I also get the batery icon at the bottom of the screen.

I could not ost the screenshot here because it says that it is too big, even after I use GIMP to make the image de less than 3MB, but the menu is just missing

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