Where to submit feature requests?

Was asked to drop in a feature request , but don’t where where is the best place to do that.

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You can drop it right here. I have moved this to the development category.



As a user I should be able to swipe from virtual desktops (1-4) with 3 finger gesture swipe on the track pad.

e.g. Place three fingers on the touchpad gesture left, it brings me to the virtual desktop to the right.

To keep things simple, I would have this feature be either “on” or “off” this way, if you do end up creating a menu item within “LXQT Configuration Settings” app, it is simple an “on” or “off” option - just punt the “gesture sensitivity” options…

Thank you for your time in considering the feature request.

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hi there, it does make it a more fluid experience - I have 3 finger gestures configured (left/right/up/down to move right/move left/toggle maximise/split view toggle for pcmanfm-qt and pinch in to close the active application). You can configure it with a combination of libinput, libinput-gestures (from git) and xdotool but the pita bit is a lack of gui to configure it, so its file editing instead (or a copy and paste job from one machine to another - i copied my file from an arch based lxqt machine and it works flawlessly).


Do you mind sharing that file? Any other links/references would be helpful too.

To confirm - you don’t have the gestures working universally - just w/ pcmanfm for left/right, etc. toggles?

sure when i get a minute or so - basically with xdotool all it is doing is allowing a touchpad gesture to mimic a keyboard shortcut. Could you please expand on what you mean by “you don’t have the gestures working universally”. What do you mean by “universal gestures”?

Oh it sounded like you only applied the gestures to pacmanfm - instead of it working with any app.

here we go, first off, make sure your computer is up dated, then:

sudo apt-get install git xdotool

sudo git clone https://github.com/bulletmark/libinput-gestures.git

cd libinput-gestures

sudo ./libinput-gestures-setup install

sudo gpasswd -a [yourusername] input

libinput-gestures-setup autostart

restart your computer. Then you have to create a file named libinput-gestures.conf in the hidden .config folder under your home folder. Just use featherpad and save it in the correct location Here’s the contents of my file, gives you an idea of what the commands look like and be mindful of the case, just be aware the toggle maximise won’t work as it requires an edit of the rc.xml openbox file as there is no default keyboard shortcut for that.

#Switch Workspace
gesture swipe left 3 xdotool key ctrl+alt+Right
gesture swipe right 3 xdotool key ctrl+alt+Left

#maximise active windows
gesture swipe up xdotool key alt+Return

pcmanfm split view
gesture swipe down xdotool key F6

#close active window
gesture pinch in xdotool key alt+F4

there’s a load you can do with xdotoo in addition to this, pinch out and 4 finger swipes etc, just google it


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