What is the video card VRAM requirement for Lubuntu 20.04?

What is the video card VRAM minimum requirement for Lubuntu 20.04 ?
I have tested with a old GPU (nvidia gf6100) and have wrong colors and graphics issues in all screen.
What is the LXQT VRAM requirement ?

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I don’t think there is one.

I’ve used systems that have no video ram in QA-testing; ie. the onboard video graphics adapter used main RAM for the purpose. Everything ran on the box; though as one box only had 1GB of RAM in total; it was rather slow, but other boxes (with more RAM usually) ran of course much better.


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I have installed Lubuntu 20.04 in a machine with IGP geforce 6100 and had wrong colors and graphics issues. Not issues with mainboard.
Thus I want to understand if the problem is because need more than 128 VRAM (IGP using 128 MB System RAM) or old IGP using an old driver or yet issues using nouveau driver.
Nouveau driver information have detail about supporting geforce 6100.
The machine is only to text edit and internet. Add a video card will use more energy and I wait a low energy machine.

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I don’t have any useful ideas to suggest sorry.

I’d ensure connections/cables are correctly connected though; esp. with non-digital signals (ie. analogue) poor connections will result in wrong colors showing; which may not be all the time but when specific colors are near each other etc (ie. on certain signals in the cable).

Lubuntu 20.04 LTS being a LTS release of Ubuntu, has two kernel stack choices, and one fix (or really work-around) maybe trying the other kernel stack choice. If you don’t have any closed-source proprietary kernel modules (drivers) installed; you can have the GA (general) & HWE (hardware enablement) stacks installed and select which you use at boot time (ie. grub). I have boxes that perform much better on one stack when contrasted with the other option (usually older cards prefer the older stack in my experience, newer cards like of course the newer stack).

eg. One of my most used boxes for QA-testing installs has started showing video glitches during calamares slideshows since jammy switched to the 5.15 kernel stack (using nouveau); its not an issue with calamares (no changes were made) but was caused by the upgrade of kernel. Those issues may hit focal (if using my old nvidia card) when it approaches 20.04.5 and the 5.15 kernel using the HWE kernel stack rolls out (20.04 only recently started getting the 20.04.4 kernel stack from 21.10; ie. 20.04.4 is rolling out). If I was a Lubuntu 20.04 LTS user however using the GA kernel stack, these glitches I’m referring to here would never be seen I bet.


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