What is the kernel version in Lubuntu 20.04.1 Focal Fossa ISO?

See some problems in kernel 5.8 with devices I had avoided to use groovy.
Thus I had downloaded the Lubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Focal Fossa ISO 64 because perhaps use the same 20.04 kernel.
Finished installation 20.04.2 LTS see that not is possible install latest Nvidia driver 460 because not has DKMS for 5.8.
Look good if 20.04.2 ISO had the same kernel used in 20.04 avoiding problems.
Having two ISO being one kernel 5.4 and other 5.8 in download page help avoiding problems for metered connections.

What kernel version is used in Lubuntu 20.04.1 ? 5.4 or 5.8 ?
I not see when DKMS will be fixed for 20.04.2 thus I need to install and version compatible with nvidia dkms 460 only being kernel 5.4

Thanks for reply.

Lubuntu 20.04.1 & 20.04 used the 5.4 kernel or the GA (general) kernel stack.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop changed to use the HWE kernel stack by default.

However Lubuntu 20.04 continues as it did in the past with prior LTS releases; ie. installs using media .2 or later default to using the HWE kernel stack, installs with original or .1 media use the GA kernel stack by default.

Most of the problems with 5.8 kernel have been fixed (at least all that don’t still impact groovy)

** Later correction: I can’t find package dependencies that causes kernel selection, but I do find kernel selection code in ubiquity (installer used by Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop & most flavors); so the HWE kernel may apply to other flavors too. Ubuntu Server 20.04 (subiquity) defaults to the GA kernel as does Lubuntu 20.04 (calamares), so it maybe other flavors are using HWE because of ubiquityas main Ubuntu Desktop does, so I’ve changed my statement. New code has been added to ubiquity to make it smarter for OEMs providing Ubuntu on new hardware.

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Thanks for your reply.
Nvidia DKMS 460 not install in Lubuntu 20.04.2.
In Lubuntu 20.04.2 install has both kernel 5.4 and 5.8 ? Is possible in 20.04.2 installation use any command to install using kernel 5.4 ? If not is possible patience and wait to DKMS to released compatible with kernel 5.8 and try install previous nvidia driver versions.

The page Kernel/LTSEnablementStack - Ubuntu Wiki

provides the following for downgrading from the HWE kernel to the GA kernel

sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-generic

It continues later with the command that will remove (purge) the HWE stack once you’ve completed all testing and are happy.

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Thanks for your reply, but unhappily not fix the problem.
Using the command
sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-generic
and after selecting in GRUB menu kernel 5.4 generic load the system not using kernel 5.8.
Even using Lubuntu 20.04.2 with kernel 5.4 not allow install Nvidia proprietary driver even selecting previous versions.
The kernel previous version 5.8 not was purged and continue being displayed in GRUB menu being default kernel mode.

This thread is about kernel versions (“What is the kernel version in Lubuntu 20.04.1”), and not any ‘problem’. Please don’t cross-post.

I didn’t understand the 5.4/5.8 reference, but that likely relates in your other thread/post.

Using 20.04 with latest driver version.
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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