Weird thing with Skype

I encountered a weird thing with Skype on Lubuntu 18.04.

I installed it but it did not have the best performance on my low-spec PC so I rather use it on my newer PC and I uninstalled Skype from my Lubuntu 18.04.

To my surprise I noticed that when I started the Software Updater, the Software Updater kept reaching to the Skype servers for updates.

I therefore used the sudo apt-get purge skypeforlinux command in the terminal, the terminal said that Skype has been already uninstalled but there were 800Mb of “unnecessary” drivers&files that can be removed. If I remember correctly the command the terminal proposed to remove those 800Mb worth of files was sudo apt-get autoremove but I am not sure whether this was the command, I am sure though that I typed in the correct command it displayed and finally those 800Mb of Skype-related files were deleted.

Later on I noticed that the Software Updater still keeps reaching out to Skype, you can notice it in the following video from 00:25 to 1:19 and from 1:55 to 2:17. :

So I am curious why the Software Updater still keeps reaching to Skype servers even though Skype has been uninstalled, and related files have been purged from my computer? Is it some kind of Microsoft malware or just a configuration error in Lubuntu 18.04?

The (microsoft) Skype sources have been added to your system, and are a consequence of the install, but not part of the program itself thus survive.

They can be removed with an editor (I’m not sure where microsoft add them, it’ll be /etc/apt/sources.list or an entry in the directory /etc/apt/sources.list.d/) or via your GUI tools.

I’ll provide the Lubuntu manual reference link; it’s for modern Lubuntu (using LXQt) but the same applies with legacy Lubuntu (using LXDE), it’ll just look slightly different, esp. the menus)

Look in the “Other Software” tab (first screen capture in that page of the manual).

If you have trouble with this detail, let me know (I’m currently busy and don’t have a Lubuntu 18.04 LTS system running to check the menu options you’ll need to use; but I’m expecting you’ll find it easy enough).


Awesome, thank you. I found it on my Linux Mint computer so I will surely find it on my Lubuntu computer as well. I thought something like this was the case but I just wanted to make sure it is not some kind of Microsoft malware. :slightly_smiling_face: I try to stay away from Microsoft softwares nowadays but Microsoft Office and Skype are a must for me. I appreciate your help!

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