Very Slow Boot time on Lubuntu 20.04

I have just recently installed lubuntu on my Packard bell pc, it was working fine boot was fine performance was all good, but recently the boot time is taking more than 15 minutes which is also affecting the performance of the machine, I’ve tried restarting it several times but its still too slow, I would like a proper solution for this as I am not sure what else to do.

Thank You Very Much

What is the file system used in root ? ext ? btrfs ?
You need test your memory and disk.
Memtest for memory and HDAT2 for testing and information about status for your disk.

Hello thank you for your response, yes the root file is ext and I am currently running Memtest and will do HDAT next.

Just a quick update the memtest said no errors but still has not changed anything, how do you do a HDAT2 test?

HDAT2 is an software for test disk. download from
HDAT2 select the surface tests and see the SMART information. Caution Have an option to “create bad cluster” is in an menu. Avoid that command. You need only test the surface test is in the first menus.
burn in an CD or DVD or try insert in Ventoy (allow start ISO in USB).

If all test pass OK the next step is see OS start boot log.

Ok I will try that and let you know

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