/user.slice/user-1000.slice/session-152.scope is not a snap cgroup

i installed firefox with
sudo snap install firefox

When I start it from the menu, nothing happens.
If I enter “firefox” in the console, it comes up
/user.slice/user-1000.slice/session-152.scope is not a snap cgroup
The same happens with Chromium.

Lubuntu is newly installed as a vm on an esxi, I access it via x2go.
I’ve been doing this with other distributions (Ubuntu, bodhi, …) for many years.
I don’t know snap yet.
I actually wanted to use pail-moon, but there are incompatibilities with a website I need.

Would be great if someone helps.


Basic starting point for me is what release are you using?

Lubuntu includes firefox as the default browser, and that package has been snap for some time, so I firstly wonder why you needed to install it? (esp. if its newly installed) but I don’t know your release.

You appear to be experiencing this - Bug #1951491 “Can't run snaps: .slice/session-1.scope is not a s...” : Bugs : snapd package : Ubuntu but without even your release details I won’t explore further as they’re the starting point as I see it.

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Thank you, I’ll take a look.

After installing Lubuntu (22.04.2) + LXDE I found no Firefox icon in LXDE. So I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled it using “muon”. Then the problem came that firefox does not start.
In muon I then read the reference to snap and that the package I installed could/should be removed.
Then I got stuck, so here I am.

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I’ve moved this to off-topic, as Lubuntu doesn’t support LXDE which is now a Debian sourced desktop, being last supported/maintained by Lubuntu in 18.04 which we haven’t supported for some time.

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Therefore, I now use the session “normally”, i.e. no longer LXDE, but LXQt.

I’ve already expressed a view that you’re hitting the bug I mentioned, which will impact snap packaged apps when using x2go; alas I have no suggestions to help having never used x2go and thus haven’t explored it (both chromium and firefox are snap packaged in 22.04)

apparently works:

I create

with the content

Thanks again for the link.
Eventually I’ll have to get Pale-Moon working for me as Firefox and Chromium are too slow on x2go, but at least I can keep going like this for now.



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