User hotkey for GoToDesktop action is ignored

Hi, I would like to change a hotkey for an action Got to a right desktop (GoToDesktop right) by the keys: Windows key with Right array key). I used the notation in the ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml file, but after restarting the computer the hotkey do nothing.

<keybind key="W-Right">
    <action name="GoToDesktop"><to>right</to><wrap>no</wrap></action>

Can there be a problem?

Lubuntu release: 23.04
LXQt About Version: 1.2.0
LXQt Version: 1.2.0
Qt: 5.15.8

The code of the rc.xml is:

  <keybind key="W-Right">
    <action name="GoToDesktop"><to>right</to><wrap>no</wrap></action>

You might want to check your post; you mention Xubuntu 23.04 which uses xfwm4 as its WM and not openbox. If the Xubuntu was a typo and you’re using a Lubuntu session, check you’re using openbox and not xfwm4 as well (using a different WM won’t use openbox configs)

Correction: I’m using Lubuntu, of course.

The system is freshly installed with default configuration so I assume it uses the openbox.

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i doo have problem on 22.04 i think.
its not that it is not working tho,
it is working, but somethimes it is not.

and as my observation goes, i can say that it is get conflicted with the application menu shortcut on the panel.


  • remove the application menu widget on your panel.
  • re-adding the application menu, and make sure the keyboard shortcut is not windows key on its settings.
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