USB Stick Format Tool?

Hi :wave:,

When I was using Lubuntu 19.04 I needed to format a USB stick but found no installed facility to do so, and after searching online I discovered instructions for using the terminal to format a flash drive (didn’t understand it at all), and that GParted could do it. So I installed that, and used it but it always threw up an error message upon completion. Why, I don’t know because the few times I used it, it was successful :confused:

Now that I’m using 20.04, and after a bit more searching I find that the pre-installed KDE Partition Manager can do the same job :open_mouth:

May I suggest two things:

  • That this function of KDE Partition Manager be mentioned in the Lubuntu Manual for users who are unfamiliar with this tool.

  • The creation/inclusion of a USB Stick Format tool, with gui, to be pre-installed, in the same way as the developers of LXLE and Sparky Linux do.

Thanks for reading. :smiley: