Upgrading from 19.04

Hey guys. I just installed Lubuntu 19.04 (it was all I had available). However, I can’t download any updates because when I try to download the package list, it fails. It says that it failed to download the release. I assume this is because support for 19.04 has ended. I want to upgrade to 19.10 (and eventually to 20.04). Is it safe to manually edit my sources.list file and switch “disco” to “eoan” and then attempt to refresh everything? Im assuming that will allow me to continue on.

Lubuntu and Ubuntu 19.04 are EOL (end of life) if you look

I’m guessing you didn’t download it from either a Ubuntu site (ubuntu.com) or Lubuntu site (lubuntu.me) unless it was downloaded months ago.

I’d suggest starting again with a supported release of Lubuntu, and check you go to the correct site (ie. https://lubuntu.me/downloads/)

Search engines can send to a number of sites that offer Lubuntu, however only lubuntu.me is under Ubuntu/Lubuntu control.

If you can’t remember the correct site, go to ubuntu.com (ie. https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours) which will send you to the correct Ubuntu flavor site.

If you used old media, and want to release-upgrade normally (which will take longer), refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades which will tell you how to change ‘archive.ubuntu.com’ to ‘old-releases.ubuntu.com’ (where EOL releases end up), which will allow you to ensure your system is fully upgraded (to latest 19.04 possible), then reboot, and finally perform the upgrade as per the manual (ie. https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/D/upgrading.html)

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No I definitely downloaded it from the official site. And Im not sure why you assumed otherwise. I just set it up as a live USB a long time ago. I can’t even do the EOL upgrade for the same reason. When I get to the step for reloading my sources, it faills because there is no release file. I assume that I’m going to have to start fresh.

Edit: I skipped to the step for “do-release-upgrade” and it worked fine. Now, I’m on Eoan.

I am now running 20.04. However in the menu, I still have the option to “Install Lubuntu 20.04 LTS” and “Install System”. Any idea why?

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