Upgrade 19.04 to 19.10

I do $ sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; sudo apt-get autoremove; sudo do-release-upgrade alot and it hasn’t upgraded to 19.10 yet.
Are those the right commands?

If there were upgrades found in either your ‘upgrade’ or ‘dist-upgrade’ step, I would reboot before I did the ‘do-release-upgrade’ step. If you don’t like rebooting; you could look at the packages upgraded and decide if necessary, but rebooting is usually quicker.

The ‘release’ really means the ISO is declared ready & available for download, not that the ‘taps’ or switch that enables do-release-upgrade to find the new 19.10 release has been updated, which is why your machine hasn’t seen the ‘release-upgrade’. Releases (ISO) are usually Thursday, the ‘taps’ often get turned on the following Monday-Tuesday but it varies on what problems developers see in bug-reports as to how quick that is enabled.

Yes your commands are correct, You can ‘force’ it with ‘-d’ but I’d suggest waiting a few days until Canonical/Ubuntu devs decide it’s ready and no further ‘fixes’ are needed (ie. making a decision based on keeping your system as stable as possible)

Edit: Levelling workload on Canonical/Ubuntu servers is also in their decision too, currently the servers are taking a ‘hit’ as loads of people download 19.10 ISO, delaying the release-upgrade a few days reduces server workload & keeps end-user download speeds higher


To further clarify, the impetus for the upgrade machinery functioning is finding the release in meta-release.

Of course, you could force it with the -d switch.

Great, I don’t mind waiting as long as I know I am doing the right commands. :slight_smile:

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