Updating kernel using deb are secure ? AMDLinux is compatbile with Lubuntu?

In the links below have kernel compiled with optimizations for AMD CPUs.

There have the information :

“AMDLinux is a personal and independent Linux kernel optimization project specially customized for
AMD CPUs and packaged for GNU/Linux distros of the Debian/Devuan family.”

Linux Debian distro means is compatible with Lubuntu ?

Thanks for read.

Debian/ Devuan family concerns distro’s like Ubuntu and deriatives.
If you need one of the latest kernel, it is better to use something like MX Linux AHS or something like that.
In case your hardware is too new to be used with any Debian distro you come across, try something semi-rolling like fedora or something bleeding edge like Opensuse tumbleweed. Don’t try something like arch based as if you don’t update it for a week, you will have problems!

Thanks for your reply.
I want continue using Lubuntu because is fast and use few memory.
Updating the kernel is only about get btrfs and dmwritecache new versions.
BTRFS is working correctly. The problem is fatal damage in partition metadata because partial writecache written.
Perhaps was fixed in new kernel version.
I not want update kernel for new hardware.
AMDLinux having an kernel compiled for AMD CPUs look very good.

About “MX Linux AHS” is based from AntiX ? Is better have care about AntiX and your privacy. Search in internet about it. Some times an distro “super fast and using extremely less memory” is an trojan horse.

In others words installing AMDLinux kernel 5.16 deb in Lubuntu 20.04 is possible ? Not does problems ?

I have never heard of either mx or antix for that matter, being spyware. It is just FUD. Linux distros can’t get as close as microsoft, apple, or google in terms of spyware. Plus, both of them are community driven.

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Lubuntu 20.04 uses kernel 5.13, therefore install the 5.16 kernel using mainline kernel manager, then you can install amd’s optimizations.

Have one forum topic in internet about an strange internal detail in AntiX adding browse link to an address related with politcs.I not remember exactly, but is more or less facist or communism.
AntiX slogan is “anti fascist”.
Trying find an internet addrees about an forum toopic where users had reported AntiX adding internet links to strange sites related with politcs. I not remember exactly, but is how related against fascism over “communism”. Users had removed that internet links and strangely the links was readded by AntiX.
They can log your activity.
I not have time now to continue searching about it.
I recommend you to do an serach about it if you want use AntiX. Have times an “light less RAM usage distro” not is exactly an solution.

Lubuntu 18 32 bits use less of 175 MB RAM and for me is an better option for my another “old” x86 computer.

Ubuntu also collects data. In fact, if you look in the software sources, you will see a request to send some statistical info.
I’ve looked all over the internet and I can’t find the article.
It is normal for websites to do that these days.
I’m not hating on ubuntu or any of its flavors though.
Lubuntu 18.04 has reached end of life in terms of lubuntu support; that was almost a year ago!
If you want a distro for a 32-bit computer use Debian bullseye.

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