Unable to find libqt5serialbus5 for lubuntu

Hi Dears,

I’m trying to build an application for my small HMI panel using Lubuntu OS but i need to install ```
libqt5serialbus5 to use this library in cross compile IDE , did anyone try some alternative lib for other version ? My Linux is bionic.

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Seems, that libqt5serialbus5 (and libqt5serialbus5-dev) is not available prior to 19.04.
Have a look at packages.ubuntu.com.

You could compile it by yourself or use Lubuntu 19.04 with LXQt.


It seems to make more sense to use 19.04/LXQt since, if you’re using Qt, it already is running it.

qtserialbus, from what I can tell, has never existed in the Ubuntu repos since before Disco/19.04 with an upload of 5.10.1 to the development version at the end of 2018. The first upstream release according to their GitHub was 5.6.0 at the beginning of 2016. You can blame Debian for this, though. An ITP (intent to package) was filed in 2017 but wasn’t finished until the next year, at which point it pretty much went right into Ubuntu.

Still, in Qt terms, that’s a relatively new piece of software. You’re not going to find a Qt4 version of it, for example.

If you’re doing Qt development, it might be better to ask at their forums.


Hi dears,

thanks for reply, that’s correct
unfortunately the last release only support QT serialBus
today I upgrade my HMI.

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