Ubuntu Pro esm a good idea? Ubuntu Backports?

Are there any drawbacks to enabling Ubuntu Pro esm packages, or Ubuntu Backports? Lubuntu isn’t exactly Ubuntu, so uncertain.


In my personal experience, both works fine with some issues, i use latest yt-dlp from backports and also use ubuntu pro, but there is a problem that is after all this backports etc. i wasnt able to install the kde-plasma desktop or kubuntu packages, there are good chances of dependency errors if using packages from backports, didnt experienced any issues with pro packages though !!

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I haven’t responded earlier as I have little I can say, but have been busy too.

I consider my Lubuntu system a Ubuntu system.

ie. I do consider I’m using a Ubuntu system currently; even though I used Lubuntu media to install it, and am using my chosen Lubuntu/LXQt desktop. A enquiry of what I’m running using lsb_release -a will respond I’m using Ubuntu, though some apps (eg. neofetch) will look further and clarify it as Lubuntu.

I can’t provide much for Ubuntu Pro, as I’ve not used it. I’ve not seen anything though that would make me worry though.

For backports, I’d happily use them; but I’d do quick checks myself on a package level (ie. per app/package) looking for any problems with other choices I have made (esp. with third party software).

Maybe of note: I do all my upgrades at terminal level, and quickly scan thru what will be upgraded before I answer “Y” to my apt full-upgrade command. If I see anything that doesn’t look right (or was unexpected); I answer “N” to installing upgrades, and look for reasons why, so as to ‘calm’ whatever made me feel uncertain, when happy I apply my upgrades. I’m not a person who uses apt -y commands.

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