Ubuntu changing their installer

So apparently Ubuntu is changing away from Ubiquity to (is it?) Subuiquity.

Obviously the change isn’t going to happen right away but unlike others who are probably more deep in the weeds, I only caught wind of this today via lxer.

Anyway, I was just thinking of how this might change things for Lubuntu in the future? Is there currently anything that Calamares could be better at that Ubuntu’s “new” installer can already do?

Kinda just interested in hearing what people think about it is all.


subiquity is the Server live installer; the move from debian installer to the live subiquity occurred a few releases ago for Ubuntu Server.

Ubuntu Desktop (which uses ubiquity) has plans to create a new installer to as I understand it.

I can’t offer anything as to your question though, I don’t see it impacting Lubuntu, and haven’t played with subiquity enough (a single install to look a number of releases ago) to have an opinion.

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One of Ubiquity’s biggest problems in my mind is how difficult the code is to read and make sense out of.

But an even bigger problem is the fact that this is yet another piece of software exclusive to Ubuntu. How many of those have come and gone? We don’t have a good track record in that regard.

Calamares as designed as an installer for all and is extremely easy to work with. The documentation is impressive and even without it, the code is quite well organized and easy to read, so you can figure things out regardless.


Is possible add options in future installer to choice which softwares to be installed ? That option is good.
I not use Firefox or few others software and thus useless writes to disk and uninstall in final install.

This is technically meant to discuss Ubuntu’s installer, which we don’t use. If you want to discuss our installer and this feature, that would be appropriate for another topic. For us, it’s in the works along with a minimal installation.