Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Testing Week

I’ll firstly provide a link to the official announcement on the Ubuntu Community Hub.

Ubuntu and its ten official flavours will be participating in the Ubuntu Noble Numbat Testing Week from March 7th – 14th!

Soon we will be releasing the Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat Beta after halting all new changes and between then and the final release a few weeks later, all efforts are focused on image testing, bug reporting, and fixing bugs.

You can download and Try Lubuntu 24.04 LTS (currently Lubuntu noble) by just downloading an ISO, writing it to install media & booting it selecting Try. This doesn’t require you to install, or change anything on your installed system.

Ideally you’d also be able to install and test the system more thoroughly, alas we have an installer issue that we’re currently working on getting fixed.

Our known bugs will be listed here, but if you find any others in your testing, please file bug reports, or report this in reply to this thread.

Please note you’ll find other reported bugs on the ISO QA tracker, that will be added to the above once confirmed they are still issues on our newest media, but the ISO QA tracker for Ubuntu noble (24.04 daily) which includes download links, is


Thank you in advance, for any testing you can perform on our Lubuntu, main Ubuntu, or any other Ubuntu flavor.


It might be inappropriate for me to reply to this post just to say this but I see an edit button next to the other usual icons at the bottom of the post.

Should I be able to see that? I don’t recall being able to before anyway.

I made the original post in this thread a WIKI page, so Yes, those with member rights (on the discourse) will be able to edit the original post & add any additional bugs they come across if they deem them worthy. Even ideally, add strikeout if/when the bugs are addressed & no longer an issue.