Touchpad on typing text

When typing text on the native keyboard of the notebook, the touchpad is active, which complicates the work. I would like to ask, how to disable touchpad while typing a text on Lubuntu 23.04?

what have you tried so far? A quick search of the web gives a load of pages with a search of: “turm off touchpad when typing lxqt linux”, maybe the first result from a search does it?


Thanks for the link. It’s true that manually disabling the touchpad does work, but I expected rather an automatic deactivation when typing on the keyboard. Someone also mentions such a solution on the page, but the list of touchpad parameters (on my computer) does not contain any text that even slightly resembles a parameter:

“Disable While Typing Enabled”

The comments are five years old and I was hoping this solution was out of date. I’m afraid this solution will discourage many newbies. In addition, they may look for a solution to the problem rather with the name of a Linux distribution. In Xubuntu, such behavior can be activated in one mouse click in the configuration panel.

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