Tooltip transparency, how to change?

I would like to change the transparency of tooltips to make them more readable, but I cannot find the correct file and setting. Here is an example of the problem:

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS x86_64
WM: Openbox
WM Theme: Lubuntu Arc
Theme: Arc-Dark [GTK2/3]

Thank you.

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I know this isn’t really a working answer but does that by chance change at all if you change any of the themes?

The colors will change if switch to another LXQt theme, but the transparency persists. At first I thought I could edit the themes in /usr/share/lxqt/themes, but none of the files seem to contain what I’m looking for (I don’t know the setting name so I may have overlooked it).

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I’m on 20.04.2, I don’t get that transparency.
The only way I can get anything near it is by turning on compton.
Are you using compton ?


Thanks humpty, Compton was the problem! Turning it off removed the transparency. I guess I’ll have to install some kind of Compton settings manager before I turn it on again.

Solved, issue can be closed.


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