Thunderbird colors different on two systems

Lubuntu 21.10 is installed on two systems and have installed the Thunderbird Snap on both. I have also installed the Chromium Snap.

When I click one of the account titles in Thunderbird, it highlights blue on one system and orange on the other. Both Thunderbird installs are using the default System theme in the Preferences.

I would like to know where it’s pulling these colors from and can they be changed? The dependency (?) Snaps also installed are the same on both systems, with one exception on the ‘blue’ system, it additionally shows the gnome-3-34-1804 Snap installed.

I attempted to get help via Usenet, without success. They keep asking about a GTK theme and I really have no idea where to look. The only reference to this I can find, is in the LXQt Appearance Configuration/Widget Style and they’re set to the same themes on both systems (GTK2=Arc-Lighter, GTK3=Arc-Darker). Mentioned this, but didn’t get anywhere…

The Wikipedia article on Snap packages indicates that because they’re sandboxed, they cannot access the system theme. There is a Snap package gtk-common-themes that apparently installed automatically with either Thunderbird or Chromium (the other Snap I installed), but there doesn’t seem to be a way to access this to see what particular theme Thunderbird is using.

If I have to live with the blue and orange, I will, but would like to change the color to something else.

Thanks in advance.

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EDIT: No longer having this issue. Powered on the ‘orange’ system today, to find the Thunderbird highlights are now blue, same as the other system. :thinking:


I wish I could tell you why that happened but I honestly don’t work with snaps myself so go figure.

Hopefully I won’t have to. Thank you for sharing the update though. :wink:

No problem.

I think we will be dealing with snaps at some point, my guess is that Firefox will be the first one.

Even though it turned out that it fixed itself and probably isn’t a major bug, I’d still like to encourage you to keep looking.

I honestly don’t know where to look. I know Thunderbird uses GTK themes, the only reference I can find to GTK themes in Lubuntu is what I posted above.

Either the Thunderbird or Chromium snap also installed the gtk-common-themes snap. There is no way to access it that I can find, so I don’t know what theme Thunderbird might have used that caused it to display orange highlighting.

No, I mean keep looking for other bugs as you use Lubuntu. Not this specific one, but future bugs. Keep looking as you go along.

One bug I previously encountered, has been submitted to Ubuntu (With thanks to @guiverc.)

I think that one probably affects all Ubuntu variants.


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