The new release of Lubuntu is crashing

Hi , until 2 days ago , i had lubuntu 22.10 and It worked werry well , but now the release it’s not updatable anymore and i had tò install new releases Witch gives me crash , i installed 22.04 , 23.10 , the same with xubuntu , this one crashed when installing , can you please fix this because now i am forced to move on manjaro or on some other distribution , my laptop is Asus A55V and with your distribution it’s dead …

You’ve provided few specifics with us to help you with.

Did you verify the ISO as per manual instructions to ensure you didn’t have a problem?

Was it written to installation media (thumb drive) correctly? Did it boot, as if it failed to boot the problem is likely related to invalid ISO or bad write of ISO to media (bad write can also be a write with outdated writing software; was it updated to write newer ISOs?), or even if it’s a valid write - the checks to ensure invalid ISO/write aren’t the cause are the easier issues to rule out.

Lubuntu 22.04 LTS being a LTS release has varying kernel stacks; the oldest of which is GA/5.15 which is closest to the 5.19 used by 22.10; alas you didn’t specify which 22.04 you tried, but it was likely a newer stack such as 6.2 found on 22.04.3; where the same results would be expected with Xubuntu in my opinion (though problems also in Xubuntu add weight to possibly procedural problems with ISO download/write to media too as same methods were likely used). If it’s kernel stack related, older install media maybe a fix, but you weren’t specific except it “crashed”.


The problem is not in the support on which I am writing the image, I think the problem is in the kernel, with lubuntu 22.10 the kernel version is 5.19.0-21, and it works perfectly without any crash or other problems, while version 22.04.3 is with 6.2 kernel , and version 23.10 is with 6.5 kernel, and I think that because of these updates, having some bug, it crashes, finally I also tried Manjaro because it is based on arch , but it has the 6.1 kernel also and it still crashes during installation , so I don’t know what else to try to keep the laptop alive, I repeat Lubuntu version 22.10 with kernel 5.19 works perfectly, only I don’t have support for it anymore and I can’t update or install nvidia drivers

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