The links are related with an "old" repository update for LXQT?

Thanks for reading my topic.
I see the links below in launchpad with update for LXQT.

My topic not is support for focal. Only for understand if the links was an old update development version for focal 20.04.
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Thanks for the topic!

Those PPAs are currently unused - we would like to bring them back next cycle. We haven’t deleted them, simply because re-creating them would cause extra friction.

I’d suggest using these instead:


Thanks for your reply.
My topic was only for historic information about Lubuntu versions or support for LXQT.
Thanks for trying help me.
However the links are more or less for update focal lxqt version as is now for jammy if using the link below ?

I waiting for the next version in next month =)
Have an nice week and good luck in your path.