Thanks to the Lubuntu team

My wife’s old Asus CN60 Chromebox (i3, 16GB, 4GB RAM) has been now one year past its supported Google end-of-life and the browser was too old to use on her Internet banking site. We contemplated buying her a new desktop, but I have had experience with lightweight Linux distros in the past and felt we should at least try to removing the locked down firmware on that box and installing Linux. I decided on Lubuntu as I have it on an old Macbook Pro and it works great. With the assistance of website blowing away the old ChromeOS BIOS/firmware for a standard UEFI BIOS was a breeze and the install of Lubuntu was also painless and easy.

Thank you to all for your hard work putting together this slick, fast distro.


That’s very cool! I wasn’t even aware that was possible on a Chromebook so kudos to you mate!

Good stuff! :100: :metal: