Thanks for the good forum software

Thank you for the great forum software here.
There have been a lot of trouble for several people.
It makes joy to be here in the forum.
Hope it gets even bigger and many people will still use Lubuntu.
This forum is probably not so long.
If I see it right since the beginning of last year?

It would be if you could still see who is ‘online’.

But maybe I haven’t found it yet. :wink:


Discourse is responsible for the forum software, not us.


Problems happen as we secure and configure Discourse with S3 storage and CDNs. Saves us from having to have a billion requests when we can have a CDN handle those. Without specifics, there’s nothing we can do to dig into it or fix it.

As the issues come up, we have a spot for people to make notes about that - Site Support - Lubuntu Discourse

Not a feature made available by Discourse.


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Thank you for choosing this forum software.
Very contemporary, very nice.