Thanks and describing what I like about Lubuntu / my uses for it

Thanks to all who work on built and keep it running. Thanks!

I am happy with my Lubuntu install over a Windows Gateway laptop this week. I have used Lubuntu in years ago, too. I wanted to play some games that worked only on Windows and that’s why I went back but that’s not important to me now. I like that Linux is far less commercialized than Windows but it has great security automatically enabled, such as requiring the password for sudo commands.

Of course, a great thing about Lubuntu is I uses less memory, disk space and CPU than Windows. I don’t hurt for resources (8G of ram, decent cpu and 512G disk) but I increase the useful lifespan of my computer significantly.

Lubuntu is a nice version for me in that it installs easy and has all the basic applications I need. I’m torn between using google’s sheets and docs but it requires online access. Of course, LibreOffice is excellent.

I use TickTick which is a calendar for planning tasks and learning habits. It can be shared between multiple devices which is pretty handy when using iphone.

I run a virtual machine for a job search planner web page that I wrote use just for myself at this time. I like some games and there’s plenty that work fine. I use VMWare Player to run it.

Any complaints I have so far about Lubuntu have workarounds. By default, my touchpad is enabled even with the mouse. I installed touchpad-indicator and disable the touchpad when I log into the system each time.