Tap-to-click on laptop not working in 20.04

I booted up on Lubuntu 20.04 to try it on my old Asus X200MA laptop and found that tapping on the keypad to generate a mouse click does not work. (It works on the currently installed Xubuntu 14.04 as well as Ubuntu Mate 20.04.)

I don’t see a relevant option in the mouse settings. I’d really like to use Lubuntu on this machine because performance is very good despite the relatively low-spec hardware. Is there a way to get the tap function to work? (I also posted about this problem on ubuntuforums.org.)

Admittedly the tap to click setting is easy to miss due to the strange naming. This is a screenshot from our manual page for the keyboard and mouse

To tap the touchpad once to register a left click check the “Single click to activate items” checkbox.

Note: this setting needs to be applied to each device you want this active on. You can select the device in the dropdown menu.


Thanks, that did the trick! Looks like there have been some changes since Lubuntu 18.04, which I have running on another old laptop, and I really need to RTFM!


I didn’t intend to make it sound like that :wink: but we do have a fantastic manual.

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