how do I install systemd-networkd in Lubuntu? I can’t seem to find the package that provides it.

What release of Lubuntu are you running?

A dpkg -S /lib/systemd/systemd-networkd on my system tells me it’s found in the systemd package (

Thanks, turns out I should be using netplan not using systemd-networkd directly.

One can configure systemd-networkd without worrying about Netplan. I apologize for the original question. It was posted due to my ignorance.

If one configures systemd-networkd directly, files with the suffix .network are created in the directory “/etc/systemd/network”.

But .network files are also read from the system network directories /usr/lib/systemd/network and /usr/local/lib/systemd/network, and the volatile runtime directory /run/systemd/network. If the files have the same name then they replace each other. Files from /etc/systemd/network have the highest priority, files under /run have higher priority that files under /usr.

Quoted from the manpage

Also from the same manpage:

The first .network file that contains a match section mentioning a device will cause systemd-networkd to ignore any subsequent .network files mentioning that device.

So as long as I don’t create a YAML file for for a particular device I should be to configure systemd-networkd for that device.