Switch to a second graphical user session without closing the first one

I have two users, one for work and one for home in Lubuntu 19.10.
While on one of them, suddenly I need to switch to the other one without the need to close the first graphical session completely. Finish my stuff and then return to the first session.

How can I accomplish this?
I have digged Internet and found that using lightdm is able to do that with dm-tool switch-user-to another-login, but I’m not sure to change the display manager (there are too many dependencies to install it!).

So, is it possible to do what I require? In the old days I used to start a new VT (Ctrl+Alt+F3, for example), login and then startx -- :1 and voilá! But now I believe that’s not the way to go…

Maybe another display manager like gdm or lxdm?
Or is the only solution to use lightdm?

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