Suggestion allow multiple noble iso version in Lubuntu download page

In link below say about 3 install options being the third “Full Installation: the Normal Installation, but with Element, Thunderbird, Krita, and Virtual Machine Manager installed”

My question is … the third option full installation has software installed using apt ? How is possible remove it ?
I use seamonkey and krita appimage version.

The ISO size will be big.
Suggestion allow multiple noble iso version in Lubuntu download page.
ISOs versions with minimal , medium and full install.

I use Lubuntu custom ISO version created using Cubic being faster and less disk space usage.

Have an nice week.

The extra packages are:

  • Debian packages (remove with apt remove)
    1. Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager)
  • Snap packages (remove with snap remove)
    1. Krita
    2. Thunderbird
    3. Element (element-desktop)

What I’d suggest if you only really want to have Element and Virtual Machine Manager is to instead use the Normal Installation, but select the other packages you want, like so:

None of these extra packages, updates, or third party software are on the ISO. If you don’t have Internet, you aren’t even shown the option.

For various reasons, including ones imposed on us by Canonical, it’s unreasonable to imagine there would be multiple ISOs. The above UI is how one choose between different sizes of installs.


Thanks for your reply.

Virtual Machine Manager is similar as VirtualBox ?

I use Lubuntu custom ISO created by Cubic. Is very good tool !
Thus being I want use Cubic with Lubuntu noble.
My question was only to understand if is possible customize the noble ISO.
If the extra packages not are in ISO not need multiple ISO with minimal size =)

Lubuntu Noble Beta ISO is exactly the same OS and packages files will be the final release ?

Have an nice week.

Yes, I guess virt-manager is a bit like VBox. You can learn more about it here.

As for customizing an install, what we offer is what is shown above. There are no provided options for customizing the ISO itself. However, a person could choose Cubic for that.

As for the beta being like final, the short answer is no. Much has been uploaded since beta, so there are changes already. There will be a rush of uploads today, I’m sure, before Final Freeze tomorrow. Even then, people make freeze exceptions so there will be still more uploads. There are also a bunch of bugs that we expect to see fixed before release.


Thanks for your reply.
Lubuntu Noble will be released in 2024-04-25 ?

According to the official release schedule, that is correct:

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