Static IP and DNS

I am fairly comfortable with linux, however, the network manager in 19.04 leaves a lot to be desired. Is their a way to enable or install a graphical interface that makes this a lot easier?


We hope to fix this this cycle. tl;dr the alternatives are either bloaty or non-Qt based. That said, as mentioned in a related upstream issue there are other alternatives. The LXQt maintainer in Debian likes cmst/conman, but the goto standard in Ubuntu has always been network-manager-gnome.

Thank you for the response, also please do not take it as a slight against your work. There is just a lot of graphical errors in the terminal based network manager that make it difficult to understand what I am doing.

I will look into one of the alternatives you mentioned thanks!

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Could you explain these graphical errors?

Sorry I did not see your question. It appears to be fine now, however, for the first few days following install the netmon provided in Lubuntu would not render all the cells correctly. When I tabbed down to IPv4 and set it to manual then clicked all of the content below it would turn a dark grey color. So I had to tab down quite a bit then tab back up to get it rendered properly.

Could you provide screenshots?