Start Lubuntu with Kodi


I’ve just installed Lubuntu on an old Compaq Presario V3700 to create a media center with Kodi.

Next I’d like to:

  • Disable Desktop Environment on boot.
  • Run Kodi on boot

How can I get this done? Please advise thank you.

Side Note: Back to using Linux after a couple of years on Windows, so I’m feeling rusty.

I provided advice before with a reference on changing the default run level on your system.

You can find numerous (current even) information on this desired solution online, however I would like to recommend something someone else mentioned before: using Ubuntu server.

I think the name there throws people off but it is basically Ubuntu without the GUI/desktop. In other words, you mostly get the Ubuntu base you’re looking for without the added-on or extra GUI stuff that won’t go away (entirely) with what I initially mentioned.

You can download the ISO here and go through the install as per usual:

This of course assumes you are comfortable with configuring whatever you need via terminal or command line… this includes WiFi if you plane to use it, whatever Kodi does, etc.

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Excellent! I was wondering if there was something more bare-bone than Lubuntu! Servers aren’t scary :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to use command line, just a bit rusty having not used Linux for a couple of years.

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