Software sources app doesn't work, need a terminal solution

Do you have a question? I see only a title for the page but then open it and nothing is there?

Damn. I guess site doesn’t work all that good on mobile, the issue is that software sources has a bug preventing me from confirming the changes to what drivers i use, this results in me not being to turn on the proprietary WiFi drivers for my laptop. The bug consists of the "apply changes " button simply not lighting up after i change stuff.
I need a fix for this or a terminal alternative to do the thing

The Apply won’t usually be clickable when something is wrong in the setup, and allowing you to click Apply could damage something.

You’ll have to provide a picture (directly here or just provide a link so we can see), but I’d also suggest running sudo apt update first and check there are no warnings/errors in that, providing a copy of that output (via pastebin etc) may also be useful.

The usual terminal command is

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

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Will this work considering the laptop cannot be connected to internet?

No, both commands I provided will assume you have working ethernet or a different form of internet. Directing output to pastebinit likewise assumes working internet.

Which 22.04 ISO did you install with? (22.04 & 22.04.1 use the GA kernel stack, where as 22.04.2 used the newer HWE kernel stack, thus included different kernel modules (commonly called drivers))

The Software Sources won’t achieve much without working internet; which maybe your issue (ie. it cannot download what you need thus the Apply cannot be actioned due to lack of internet)

I suppose i need to find some weird way to connect to the internet without using the internet, lol i tried connecting the laptop to my router with an ethernet cable but it still won’t detect it, i need the driver in order to connect laptop to internet in any way. I suppose i could try downloading the driver on my phone or an SD card and then put it in the laptop so it has a way to load it, kinda how linux mint does it with some drivers preloaded into the ISO

You’ve not said which ISO you used (as stated, there are differences between them with kernel stacks, plus installer version used), but Lubuntu ISOs have fewer extra resources than say Ubuntu Desktop ISOs for example, which is why our ISO is much smaller. Our ISO assumes you have internet access & the additional drives are downloaded from the internet.

So, what do i do in this rather awkward situation?

Btw, just checked, iso is 22.04.2 LTS

You’ll need to use another device which has internet to download what you need, then you can write to thumb-drive etc & walk it to the device currently without internet.

You can use WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide - Community Help Wiki to work out what you’ll need, ie. I find the “Device Recognition and Operation” the most useful; as it’ll help you to identify what chipsets your wifi relies on.

You can read many posts on installing packages whilst off-line (eg. the wget, cp or mv, walk then dpkg my prior reference alluded to) such as How can I install software or packages without Internet (offline)? - Ask Ubuntu

Don’t forget Lubuntu is a Ubuntu product, we’re just a community flavor of Ubuntu Desktop so ~everything that works on Ubuntu Desktop will work for Lubuntu (excluding desktop differences due to out different Lubuntu seed) with the desktop/apps included by default being the major difference.

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Thank you very much for helping me to dissect the problem and find what i can try! Im rather new to linux and never encountered such issue before

Solution found: connect your smartphone to your pc and use it as a USB router. Download everything through terminal as the software sources app refuses as if you aren’t connected .

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