Software installation choices

It’s a simple, or at least brief, question - this time!

Why is there both Muon and Discover?

They look different, but they both do pretty much the same thing.


Because they don’t. Discover is akin to a software store, i.e. it’s the less advanced way to install software and it does not include all of the options. However, it can handle things like Flatpaks. Muon is essentially the Qt equivalent of Synaptic, which is pretty much little more than a GUI for apt.


Thanks! I’ll poke at Muon to see what it does that Discover doesn’t.

It can install ANY software. A lot of command line only stuff won’t show up in Discover.


Ah, thanks! That explains it.

LOL I’d just edited my post to say I’d go figure out the differences, but that’ll save some time.

I don’t use anything newer than 18.04 on a regular basis. So, they appeared nearly identical to me.

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