Snapping Lubuntu?

@guiverc I am just pitching this ?? Dont take its as inflammatory, but as we all know ubuntu is planning to provide a all snap ubuntu flavor as a alternative without replacing the classic version that we all love, i was planning and maybe imagining that we could do something similar for Lubuntu/LXQT ?? I have good snapping experience, i can help with snapping lxqt apps as an experiment if lubuntu community wishes ?? and then we can eventually try to snap up complete lxqt (bit complex) but snapping apps is easy.

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Unlike main Ubuntu, the Lubuntu Team doesn’t have a team of devs fluent in snaps to build everything as snaps. While in theory I agree with the idea, the execution is a little harder because of the nature of Lubuntu and what packages it uses - the vast majority of included packages in the default packageset arent snapped and its unlikely the Lubuntu devs will take the time and energy to snap everything. (Unlike Canonical whose desktop team, etc. is paid for theit work, Lubuntu is not supported by paid workers)


I agree but i think there are devs behind fedora silverblue of kde and budgie variant too who are not redhat employees, i understand the difficulties and respect the decision of lubuntu devs, but nevertheless its a good idea on paper at-least, thanks.

If you have the time, patience and knowledge to create a “snapped” Lubuntu, then just do it. In the worst case, it is “unofficial” and you are on your own.

In the best case other will help you with maintaining the snaps.

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As someone with dead-end 16.10 Lubuntu laptop that is working mostly with snaps I would be curious to see if this eats much more resources?

A great option for you would be to just download the latest Lubuntu, copy it onto an USB stick, boot from the stick, and give it a trial run. This is non evasive, it will not interfere with your current system on your hard disk.

I am using the latest Lubuntu on a system with only 2G memory, and it works just fine.

And really, how many snaps do you have? I think a regular John Doe just uses Firefox, and maybe Thunderbird, and some more provided by the OS.

A minimal system with just 2G memory would be OK for that. If you are into gaming, maybe it is another story. In general, do not mind the discussion about the good or bad of snaps. Snaps are just fine, even if maybe you do not get the latest versions of software, but you do not get that with apt as well.

Lubuntu offers the neatest implementation of LXQt. Just enjoy that.

If you need help, let us know.


Please do not hijack discussions.

You can open your own discussion with your own questions.

Its best to use 20.04 or 22.04. On 16.10 snaps would be slow.

Lubuntu 20.04 is EOL.


I know, like when i say 20.04 the base is supported until 2025.