Size for lubuntu 22.04

Dear All,
Please, do you know which size at least your partition must have to have Lubuntu 22.04 on it?

The minimum size required will vary.

  • do you plan on adding additional software? ie. you’ll need more space
  • what type of packages you’ll install; as some need more disk space than others, let alone what extra depends requirements will need to be satisfied requiring space
  • how often do you upgrade packages; the less often you upgrade the more they can pile up & thus more free space you’ll need for downloading upgrades & installing them. Space isn’t reclaimed until post-upgrade, ie. there is a higher maintenance cost with a smaller system
  • are you planning to release-upgrade to a later release when it’s avaliable; or just nuke & install with nothing on the system needing to be kept… The nuke & install used by bloggers/youtubres requires a lot less space than a system that is actually used
  • and more

I’ve installed systems in as little as ~10GB however that was only to QA-test the installation procedure, as I’d not be able to live with a system like that… It’ll depend on what you’re going to do with the system, and if you’re only going to use it the once, or try and live with it.

Lubuntu doesn’t provided minimum specifications though… please refer to

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Thank you very much guiverc for your answer.
I only intend to install Virtualbox and I will surf in the OS of the virtualbox.
I suppose that I have to add the size of the Virtualbox to the minimal size of Lubuntu to know the size of the partition that I need.
Maybe that I will update at least every two months, surely more frequently.
I think that I will upgrade once. I think that one cannot always upgrade.

Forget my last sentence.
I mean, I think that one con once go from 22.04 to 24.04 but then not from 24.04 to 26.04.

Unless there’s a massive change (like the switch to LXQt) you should be able to just keep upgrading to new versions as they come. So, you should be able to go from 20.04 to 22.04 and eventually to 24.04 - if you’re still using the same device.


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