Shutdown/reboot freezes in a fresh dual boot installation - Lububtu 22.04 LTS

Hi all,

I have just made a fresh dual boot installation of Lubuntu 22.04 in a MSI laptop.

I can start and work in both OS, but when I make a shutdown or reboot in the Lubuntu OS the computer just hangs out for ever.

There seems to being happen other problems or other manifestations of the same issue, although I have a nvidia card the another drivers list is empty, and from the first shutdown I have lost the desktop background.

Any advice how to solve this issues?

Thank you in advance

When you say it hangs out forever. (Exactly what does that mean)
Does the screen freeze / lockup or is there any movement by the cursor.

Is the Nvidia card the only graphics choice you have,
Some high end laptops seem to have two different graphics choices.

If there’s another choice such as Intel HD graphics switch to that and see if it makes a difference.

Linux and Nvidia sometimes don’t work well together.

If the laptop is real new it possible there is no proprietary graphics driver available for the Nvidia card yet.

Please post some system specs.
Open the terminal and copy and paste this commd and than copy and paste the output to a post using code tags. </>

inxi -Fxz

Hi Bartman,

Thanks for your reply.

The hangs out for ever showed two behaviors, the first one the log of the MSI with lubuntu logo with the color moving on it and then completely stops. Later on when I shut down or reboot just a black screen.

My laptop has two gpu, one nvidia and one intel.

In mean while I managed to solve the problem by searching the correct nvidia drivers and installing them using apt install. When I did the lubuntu 20 fresh install on another machine I could swear that the nvidia driver appeared in another driver after installation but with this one it only appears after I had installed.

If it was already like that before, I apologize for taken your time, if it is particular to 22.04, some MSI laptops or both then at least there is here a possible work around for others that face the same problem.

Best regards

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Hey awemans,

No apologies necessary and no time was wasted I’m glad you got the issue resolved.


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