Screen casting to Fire Stick

Hello to Everybody!

I’ve bought a Fire Stick, now I’m trying to cast my notebook screen to that Amazon product but I am not able to do it.

I’ve looked for a solution in several forums, but it seems that there is not a clear solution. Does somebody know how to do a screen mirroring to Fire Stick (also audio, if it’s possible)?

Thanks in advance!
My OS is Lubuntu 20.04.

I tried gnome-network-displays once but it was hell to install and the performance was too slow. (the flatpak didn’t work, so you may need to compile).

If you don’t need to mirror and just want to play stuff, you could try a plex server on Lubuntu and a plex client on the firestick. I haven’t tried it myself, but it looks plauseable.


@humtpy: Thanks for your answer!

Well, it happens that I bring my Firestick with me and I need to cast lessons or explanations on displays for computers, so no smart screens and without audio.

With Chromecast it’s easy, I just to go through Chrome. Fire Stick it’s in theory a more sophisticated product, but Miracast it seems is not supported.

I know that also Android phones are not directly compatible, so you need to use Aircast.

But Aircast is not available for Ubuntu (is it? I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong).

So, as you suggested, I could use Kodi as a media server (and client, of course) on both the Firestick and the ubuntu notebook.

A typical problem is, for example, when I want to cast a Team call on a bigger video without an hdmi cable and using an already inserted Firestick.

I’ve asked also on Amazon forum.

I’ve found also a tool called Alfacast: does anybody know it?

Actually, I don’t know why it didn’t hit me earlier (especially these days). Just use something like Zoom which you can share the screen with. They have a .deb package. I think FireStick has it or you can just use a browser.

Any other suggestion? Don’t be shy :slightly_smiling_face:

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