Roblox On Ubuntu

Has anyone tried to get Roblox in Lubuntu? And i’ve seen .apk files at lubuntu’s main screen so can it run .apk files?

Have you already seen this guide for playing Roblox on Linux?

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As for APKs, no, they are not natively supported. What “main screen” are you seeing them on?

I think he’s talking about the “mime.apk” icon on :grin:
That’s just an example of an icon theme.

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I guess that would make sense!

There are websites with instructions to make using android apps possible, e.g. this one:

So you know when you search lubuntu in a search engine? If you click the mail lubuntu page it will say about redesigned icons and i thought it would run apks just becuase after all apk icons were redesigned

Guys i just happend to try lubuntu after it got installed. I did this question before I installed lubuntu. You cant run apks but you can run roblox by downloading flatpak just like you would in ubuntu and then go to the flathub page, search vinegar and download it and open up with the software app. Thanks to everybody for their help though

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