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Not being able to have a conversation around snaps not appearing in the menu bc new users are limited to 3 replies? seriously, how does encourage people to leave closed source operating systems?
The gentleman that was helping me was extremely helpful BUT I cannot reply SO this is only thing I know how to do…

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A couple things:

  1. Discourse is weird sometimes. Basically their defaults are meant to keep a quality conversation going on. Those restrictions are easily circumvented with a little effort.
  2. The restriction relevant to you is the limit of no more than 10 replies. Looks like you’ve got about 7 to go right now.
  3. The number 3 is applicable to the restriction on new posts. So you’ve got 2 more left right now after this one.
  4. You should have no restrictions on how many edits you can make to your own posts, as long as they’re within 24 hours of the original post.
  5. There are many other ways to contact Lubuntu support as shown on the website. There’s several folks in IRC and Telegram. There’s the mailing list, etc.

P.S. our tutorial bot should have linked you to the above when you started.


Gracias amigo, you’re a scholar and a gent. :wink: