Replace Trojita with Thunderbird for future releases

Given that Trojita has not been updated in several years and there seems to be no interest in resolving all of its bugs, including this one that appears to be a security issue, I would like to suggest Thunderbird replace Trojita in future Lubuntu releases, beginning with 22.04.

The first ting I did once I installed Lubuntu on my desktops, was to uninstall Trojita and install Thunderbird, after I first saw all the unresolved bug reports.

I’m sure Trojita is a nice e-mail client and I understand it’s inclusion in the release because it’s written with Qt, but the large number of unresolved bugs (currently 127) combined with the lack of a recent release, was simply too much.

Thank you.


I also prefer Thunderbird over Trojità.

But I wanted to say, that the number of bug reports is not a good measurement for software quality and/or security.

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I cannot comment as to the quality, because I have never used it. But the oldest, unresolved bug report in that list is from June 2013.

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Totally Agree,
Been trying for five hours to setup different account but failed with all attempts.
I’ll install Thunderbird though its kind of heavyweight for this OS.

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If you’re looking for a lighter-weight e-mail client than Thunderbird, there is Claws Mail.