Removing Keyboard on Boot

On boot a keyboard loads for entry of my password. How do I disable the keyboard? Thanks in advance

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You’ve provided no details as to what you’re running, nor what you’re trying to accomplish, or why you have posted on this site for.

I have removed a keyboard before, during and after boot, with no consequences, so your question makes no sense to me (you can plug it back in when required; however hardware doesn’t always act the same, as the firmware & settings can alter behavior).


…unless it’s PS/2 :laughing:

Sorry to bother you with this. Since it is a lubuntu site I thought that it would be clear that I was booting into lubuntu. Putting that aside, so I do not make the same mistake, why is this type of question not supposed to be posted to this site? Which I assume is one of your points; it was not clearly stated?

But I will restate (and, again, my apologies when if this is not an appropriate post) - When booting (or rebooting) into lubuntu a keyboard has started to appear on screen calling for my password to be inputed. After I enter my password in the keyboard it takes me to a second login screen. I amended Grub in accordance with information I found on a website but that did not prevent the keyboard from coming up. So, short of reinstalling from scratch, any advise on how to remove the keyboard on login would be appreciated

Which Lubuntu?

Legacy Lubuntu with LXDE like Lubuntu 18.04 LTS?
Modern Lubuntu with LXQt like Lubuntu 20.04 LTS, Lubuntu 20.10?

From your additional detail (second post) I get the feeling you’ve made a change to sddm theme, as yes, certain changes to sddm have made a keyboard appear on one monitor when I login, but I’ve never had this occur with the default Lubuntu sddm theme. This also assumes you’re talking about modern Lubuntu, which I don’t yet know.

Changing back to the Lubuntu (sddm) theme fixes that issue (changing to other themes does too, but some themes make an on-screen keyboard appear at the greeter/sddm; but this may not be your issue).

Providing a picture maybe would help, but at minimum release details tell us which Lubuntu you’re using, and enough detail to make it clear what you mean.

(your first “removing keyboard on boot” post made me think you were talking about a physical keyboard, now I’m thinking an onscreen keyboard, but I really don’t know what you’re asking about; I’m just guessing).

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Was there an image or text with this original post that didn’t make it through for some reason?

Onscreen keyboard

lubuntu 20.04


In the /etc/sddm.conf file add the following:


If you have InputMethod=qtvirtualkeyboard remove the qtvirtualkeyboard


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