"Remove Installation Media" when restarting/shutting-down a Live USB Install

Ok so I installed Lubuntu iso onto a USB stick using Rufus with persistence, GPT partition table. This “live” version works fine but do I really have to remove the stick each time I reboot/shutdown? I’m getting some weird UEFI behaviour if I don’t remove it, specifically the stick disappears from the UEFI device list on the boot options on next startup. It’s blowing my mind - I really don’t know enough about UEFI/bootloaders, but it seems odd. I thought that removing the installation media would only be necessary after a full install in order to stop the live version booting again. But I am only going to be using the live version! Help!

You have tagged 19.10, however Lubuntu 19.10 is end-of-life (EOL), so if you’re on 19.10 you should use a supported release.


The live media was designed to have the user eject it (unless certain options were chosen, eg. validation on media that doesn’t auto-validate won’t run ejection script when required to reboot). Live with persistence is still live and not an fully installed system (but full details may vary on release as booting isn’t identical on all releases)


To add to this, I’ve never suffered any ill consequences for not ejecting the media prior to reboot, in both live and persistent live situations. If there’s any major risks, I’ve never encountered them - and I use live instances quite regularly.


I agree with @KGIII, often leaving thumb-drives in my test boxes as I find it easier to find them there over adding them back to the pile. If I don’t want to eject them, I force shutdown/reboot (via SysRq commands to kernel) if I want to restart a test, or re-test later (and not bother unplugging then re-inserting drive).

I have no experience with this on persistent media though, as most of my live use is in QA-testing (with daily images, persistence makes little sense). It also may vary on box and I won’t use it on boxes that I don’t own (don’t want to leave thumb-drives there) so have used it with fewer boxes.

Addendum: My experience varies by box. On most boxes i can press when asked to eject media, and it’ll reboot and ignore the thumb-drive (what I often do on test-boxes), however on others if I didn’t pull thumb-drive out, the next boot will re-boot the thumb-drive again. ie. each box is unique and acts according to it’s firmware

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Yup. I can’t say that there is no risk, but I can say that I have personally never noticed any ramifications from doing so. I just hit the enter button and leave the thumb drive in the slot. As a matter of fact, I have one sitting in one of the front USBs from the very desktop I’m using right this very minute.


I think that’s just how it is baked in. There’s no harm in it being there. Its there for when you are dine installing or playing with the installation on the USB.

It shouldn’t act that way. However, you use the term “with persistence”. Did you actually install Lubuntu to the USB device, or did you just burn the ISO image to the device , adding persistence which is typically not required on an actual install.

I would submit that if you actually installed Lubuntu to the USB device, it would have been setup with its own partitions and filesystems, not with persistence.

I’m closing this topic, as it relates to an EOL release (19.10 is tagged).

If you want to continue discussion & talk about supported Lubuntu 20.04 LTS in this thread, PM me and I’ll likely change the tag.