Reinstalling lubuntu-desktop brought quite a few kde packages, why?

Continuing the discussion from Xserver/display manager not starting, having to do startx:

That did solve the problem… in fact only reinstallation of lubuntu-desktop solved the problem. However, now I find few KDE applications and packages installed (which I hadn’t installed on purpose – pretty sure). It wasn’t the case earlier. Any idea as to why it is so ? Some of the applications are:

  • KSysGuard
  • KDE PartitionManager
  • KDE System Settings

In fact, now on the desktop graphical login screen, I get an on-screen keyboard (like on Android devices) on my primary monitor, and the usual login screen on the secondary monitor, on a dual-monitor setup. What gives ?

Good question. Not surprised by KDE Partition Manager, but you can see that those other applications are not part of the metapackage.

That said, we know you reinstalled xorg. It has a virtual dependency on x-terminal-emulator. I’ve seen weird situations before where if no terminal is installed, the selection of terminal would be kind of random from that list. Perhaps konsole pulls in some other KDE stuff. I wouldn’t expect it to, but maybe. KDE has been pretty good about making standalone applications with as little dependencies as possible lately. If only they would fix Plasma, but I digress…

It’s also a remote possibility that when you used apt, you used the option to install suggested packages (perhaps you had previously set this as the default via APT::Install-Suggests "true" somewhere in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/). I say this because qtvirtualkeyboard-plugin is a suggested package of sddm.

I bet if you purge the virtual keyboard it’ll fix the latter problem. And if you have any Plasma packages get rid of those. Should be good then.

Thanks @wxl. Plasma seemed to be the biggest culprit.

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