Recommended to upgrade 19.04 to 19.10?

Hi. Is there a way you recomment to upgrade lubuntu 19.04 to 19.10 (without uninstalling 19.04)? Or is it the best way to make a usb-stick bootable and rewrite the OS?

side question: any source to a .pdf lubuntu manual? (so I can read offline)
PS: think I found a solution for the side question on lubuntu books github

Thanks in advance, lubuntu is amazing :heart:

Myself I’d suggest you read from our manual

The steps I personally follow are :-

  1. ensure your backups are fully done
  2. ensure your system is fully up-to-date, (ie. sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade)
  3. reboot if kernel or certain upgrades took place (if you’re unsure, reboot at this stage will be safest)
  4. sudo do-release-upgrade to upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10.
  5. reboot and test your release-upgraded system

I’d suggest following the manual though. A re-install is actually far faster, and I do like “Manual Partitioning” and installing over your existing partition ensuring you don’t format (it’ll note your installed packages, erase system directories, install, add back your additional packages (if available in new release)), then ask you to reboot. As stated this is faster, and is usually my backup should I have issues with the do-release-upgrade I usually end up using anyway.