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Does Lubuntu have recently opened/accessed files register - pdfs/docs/.txts etc?

I don’t recall if there is such a thing built into PCManFM-QT (the file manager) or of any other utility that provides this.

I would imagine you might be able to get something by using lsof and awk via terminal but that would require knowing how to use them (which I don’t).

However, assuming I am understanding what you’re asking for, maybe this will be worth a try:

My “recently” is 5 minutes =)

find . -type f -amin "$recently"



search for files in a directory hierarchy


search in the current folder and all subfolders

-type f

search only fort files

-amin 5

File was last accessed 5 minutes ago.

Or perhaps you mean the recently used files in your Desktop Environment, than you need something like

awk -F"file://|" " ‘/file:/// {print $2}’ ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel



pattern scanning and text processing language

-F"file://|\" "

define two field separators, file:// and " 


only lines with file:// are interesting

{print $2}

the path is in column 2

I got the above form the following Q/A from AskUbuntu:

I have no clue of a GUI utility that does this though. Sorry.

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