Reboot to UEFI BIOS

This seems to work for me but I don’t think there is any standard for getting the BIOS settings screen when using UEFI fastboot.

systemctl reboot --firmware-setup

It’d be nice if there was another reboot option for that.

It’d be really nice if there was a reboot to select the boot device only and not change the BIOS but I haven’t found a command for that.

I am not sure, what exactly you want to know.

With UEFI, you can use sudo efibootmgr --bootnext 00A1 to boot the bootloader with id “00A1” (hexadecimal number).

And there is also grub-reboot.

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sudo efibootmgr --bootnext 0002
is exactly what I wanted. :slight_smile: