Program to control screen temperature from tray

Do You know any program for Lubuntu that autostarts to tray icon, and have just nice scroller to control screen temperature? (redshift has no scroller)
Something like F.lux for Windows?
I know there is f.lux for Linux but their write that it not working on modern Ubuntu :frowning:
(GitHub - xflux-gui/fluxgui: Better lighting for Linux. Open source GUI for xflux)

you can change the default temp with redshift if you edit its aurostart line so its not so red etc at night, Would that help?

I’ve never used this, but gammy does have a slider, but you’ll need to build it as its not in the deb repo’s:

as for flux gui, reading it says it does work…" Fluxgui by default now uses Redshift to control your screen color, which should be supported on all systems". Not that i tried it, maybe later in a vm (not a fan of adding ppa’s at the best of times!).

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Thanks for answer. I found deb file for program You described: but I don’t know is it safe to download from this site.
VirusTotal Sacns are clean.

Btw. Yesterday I found way to control Redshift from panel.
Add 3x “Custom Commands” widget to panel, give them short names or icons, and set commands:
redshift -O 2000 -P
redshift -O 4000 -P
redshift -x

The last command resets to defaults. It’s not ideal method but better than nothing.

EDIT: I risked to download this deb file, and open it as archive. It contains executable file “gammy”. Also scanned it on VT and… it’s working without installing in system.

if the aim is to just change the parameters for day/night temps, you could just add those parameters to the startup command.

Redshift is the best based on my personal use.

Have a read this will tell you what to do to set it up.


But I’m not only user of my pc, and other users don’t know how to use command line :slight_smile:

Once Redshift is set up it will adjust itself throughout the day.

Open the Menu.
Go to Preferences.
Go to LXQT Settings.
Open Session Settings.
Open Autostart.
Go to Redshift and highlight it and then press edit.
Where it says Command enter this redshift-gtk -t 6500:4500 then press OK.
Then close the window and restart your computer.

Do the users have their own user account.
If so you may have to set up each user account although I’m not sure if you have to do this to each user account.

The numbers I used 6500:4500 are just for example purposes.

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Finally, I decided to install this Gammy program.
Why? Because my computer users needs to have manual scroller.
Not automatic.
For example someone (who can’t use command line)
is writing document at evening (with red filter enabled)
and then want to watch film or something. But screen is too red :hot_face:
And what should I do with them :slight_smile:


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