Problem with lubuntu 19.04

Hello everyone i tried installing lubuntu because it was lightweight and that would be nice for my old laptop.
be after installing for about 8 hours this came up :confused:

any help to resolve this. have tried for about 5 days to get a open source alternative to windows.

I see Input/Output error(s) which implies a failure on a device on your computer. I can’t tell if the error is your hdd/sdd or install media though (I’d guessing the latter, but I’d suggest checking your ‘SMART’ status anyway just in case you’ve a dying drive)

Did you use the ‘Check disk for defects’ option before you tried install? (see which is a page of the Lubuntu official documentation). If this check detects an error then you had either a bad download or bad write to your install media. (I think it’s better to check for defects before any install, but esp. if I have troubles).


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