Possible Boot Issues Running Lubuntu OS from USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Hello All,

Based on my concerns, I figured this forum was the best place to post this question on the site.
OS: Lubuntu 20.01.1

System Spec: MacBook Air 2013, 1.7 GHz Dual Core I7 Hyper-threading, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Apple SSD SM0512F 500GB

SSD Partitions:

  1. EFI 209.7 MB FAT 32
  2. 250 GB Apple_APFS (Mac OS)
  3. 250 GB NTFS (Win 10)
  4. 540 MB Win Recovery

I recently got interested in linux and want to start learning a lot more about using computers on a more technical level. So I bought a 128 GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive and actually want to install the Lubuntu OS onto the USB so I have a mobile OS. That process isn’t an issue as I have the means to do so without affecting any of my current boot sectors (aka a separate computer with easy access to SATA cables preventing any such issue, unlike my MB Air).

As indicated, my goal with this USB is to create an OS environment which I can plug into any computer and run. My only concern is that if I do so, does it put the system’s boot loader at risk? I’m particularly interested in running the OS from the USB on my MB Air, as I can comfortably play around with the it wherever I want when I’m on the go while not taking ups storage on the SSD. Noted above, the computer has a Mac OS partition and a Windows 10 partition run via bootcamp. Most important by far is the Mac OS due to critical info it stores, though not a concern as it’s easily backed up. In contrast, I don’t have a large enough NTFS drive to back up my Win 10 partition, though I have critical files saved to the cloud.

So the TLDR, will running Lubuntu off a usb affect either OS, and if so, what work arounds can I try to ensure their safety? Thanks for all you time and help!

If you got a penny for each person that has a Mac that they’re trying to triple boot with Windows 10 and Linux, you’d be in debt. Heck, I’m not even sure that OS X and Windows will live happily together.

What I can tell you is this: the question is more relevant to Linux in general than just Lubuntu, so spread your search net wider.

I’d also suggest getting details perfect too…

There was no Lubuntu release in 2020-January (or 20.01) so you either mean 20.10 (2020-October) or more likely 20.04.1 (2020-April first point release). Alternatively you’re using a forgery (there are unofficial sites on the web offering Lubuntu for download)

@wxl Thank you for the advice and I will try a more general audience, still very new to this whole deal so you’ll have to forgive me if I have no clue where to ask these questions. I’m bound to bumble around for a bit even with a bit of research lol.

@guiverc Apologies for mistyping the version, it’s been quite a long day and my brain is a bit all over the place. Somehow I ended up typing the forgery, though don’t ask me how. I meant to type 20.04.2, the latest LTS release which I can find on lubuntu.me.


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