Portuguese translations

Good morning all,

I´ve recently download the latest version of this distro. I use portuguese as my main language, and there still many parts of the system not translated at all, still in english.

Will you give more support to this language? I download the same for Xubuntu using Gnome and everything is perfectly translated. Is this because of the new desktop environment LXQT?

Thank you

What parts are you referring to? I have been doing missing translations but they are still pending upload

Settings, for instance, power off etc. looks like an unfinished software but of you´re saying you´re still under work ok. For updates where should I go?

Another question (off topic), is it possible to change my desktop UI for KDE and mantain Lubuntu?


The ones you refer to are pending translations of lxqt.

If you install the kubuntu-desktop package, you can have both. But you will have programs of both systems as well.

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